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Monthly Verse
Early Fragment
by Yew San Cheah

November 19, 2015

my leg is touching yours...
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October 1, 2015


Guest edited by
Joanna Demkiewicz, Kaylen Ralph, & Heather Zises

Fjords celebrates women by making this special edition available to everyone for free... read more >

Monthly Verse
by Christian Anton Gerard

October 15, 2015

     Because the sun sits on the horizon
I imagine a piano. I hate myself
     because I never took piano lessons. I
          hate that I
     didn’t just see you
at the Coke machine, or walking through the front yard...
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Photo Essay
Structures in Decline
by Francis DiClemente

September 24, 2015

Photo Essay - Structures in Decline

For this art project I explored the city of Syracuse, New York, where I reside, as well as my nearby hometown of Rome, discovering buildings and structures in various states of disrepair or decay; most of the buildings in Syracuse stood within walking distance of my apartment building... read more >

Watershed Days:
Adventures (A Little Thorny and Familiar) in the Home Range
by Thorpe Moeckel

October 15, 2015

Watershed Days: Adventures (A Little Thorny and Familiar) in the Home Range by Thorpe Moeckel

I read Thorpe Moeckel’s book, Watershed Days: Adventures in the Home Range in Taos, New Mexico. Taos is located in the high desert of New Mexico and is a city and area known for being close to nature... read more >

Monthly Flash
by Jacqueline Doyle

September 17, 2015

I don't know why I lied. Maybe it's because someone finally believed me. So maybe it didn't really happen in exactly that way with exactly those boys on exactly that night. I'm not sure any more. But things have happened to me, on nights like that, with boys like that... read more >

Monthly Verse
Each Thing That Has Been Taken
(Winchester Mansion: San Jose, California)
by Frank Paino

September 4, 2015

The dead do not care if their clothes catch & shred
on the wooden ribs of cypress hedge that guard
the widow’s six-acre mansion. What need is there for cover
when they move, resplendent in their own raw gore,
across the vast scalped lawn in its shroud of rusted starlight?... read more >

Demigods on Speedway
by Aurelie Sheehan

August 27, 2015

Demigods on Speedway by Aurelie Sheehan

In Demigods on Speedway (University of Arizona Press, 2014), Aurelie Sheehan delivers a darkly humorous collection of stories on the haves and have-nots of recession-era Tucson, Arizona... read more >

Past Issues
  • Fjords - Volume 1, Issue 1 DEBUT

    Art by Clay Witt, poetry by Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, fiction by Stephen Wade.

  • Fjords - Volume 1, Issue 2 B/W PHOTO

    Fiction by Peter Liu, poetry by Jonathan Greenhause, memoir by Verity Barudin.

  • Fjords - Volume 1, Issue 3 PROGRESSIVE

    Poetry by Vanessa Blakeslee, paintings by Vadis Turner, and a review of Boy.

  • Fjords - Volume 1, Issue 4 PORTRAIT MASTERS

    Art by Kehinde Wiley, fiction by Philip Kobylarz, and poetry by Nancy Carol Moody.

  • Fjords - Volume 2, Issue 1 LINE

    Billy Collins Interviewed, fiction by Erik Martiny, prose by Ori Fienberg.

  • Fjords - Volume 2, Issue 2 YUMI SAKUGAWA

    Jacob M. Appel Interviewed, art by Yumi Sakugawa, essay by Sean Carswell

  • Fjords - Volume 2, Issue 3 SPRING 2014

    Poetry by Sarah Palin Erased, interview by Phillip Gross, short story by Erik Martiny, essay by Jeffrey Skinner, art by Paul Kolker

  • Fjords - Volume 2, Issue 4 FALL 2014

    Poetry by Annie Christain, interview by Aurelie Sheehan, fiction by Julia Fine, essay by Kirk Nesset, art curated by Owen Duffy

Fjords - Volume 2, Issue 4

Spring 2015

Nandini Dhar

Sean Street

Patrick Wilson

Salpi Vartivarian

Nance Van Winkle