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  • Art Review - Jason-McLean
  • Review of Ben Lerner’s The Hatred of Poetry
  • Judy Rifka Retrospective at the Jean-Paul Najar Foundation in Dubai: How an Artist’s Life Took Shape by Glynn Pogue


Like Something Flung
by Erik Rasmussen

September 16, 2016

There began a hum. Is how he felt it. A tone of feeling. It wasn’t so much a mood. Like there were moods that came and went. Or changed into cousin moods. Normal stuff. But all happening in the environment of the hum. The hum maintained. Sort of grew, is how he thought of it. The hum enveloped, filled the spaces between moods like water. Then he slept... read more >

Book Review
Moray Hillary, Pre-New Reflective Curated by Alison Perz

July 27, 2016

Moray Hillary, Pre-New Reflective by Heather Zises

“I’m interested in producing art about being human and being alive. These works examine the tenuousness of life and aging.” — Moray Hillary

Currently on view at Galerie Protégé is Pre-New Reflective, a series of haunting faceless portraits and sculptural assemblages by Scottish painter Moray Hillary.... read more >

Book Review
by Eduardo Lalo
Translated by David Frye

July 12, 2016

Fiction, Simone by Eduardo Lalo, Translated by David Frye

As a child, I spent summers getting to know San Juan. For ten years, I grew from an adolescent into a young man, and alongside me, the city of San Juan also began to age. I returned there just last year, to finds the birthplace of my mother unrecognizable. Gone was the romance of its cobbled streets and tiny late-night markets where you could fetch a drink and chopped chicken platters for cheap... read more >

Current Issue
Volume 4, Issue 1

August 15, 2016

Current Issue, Volume 4, Issue 1

Spring/Summer 2016

Introducing: Tanya Grae
Poetry: Danez Smith
Art: Steve Miller
Interview: Junot Diaz
Essay & Art: Ernesto Caivano
Fiction: Jamie B. De Monte....
read more >

Book Review
That Other Me
by Maha Gargash

July 31, 2016

Novel, That Other Me by Maha Gargash

After her successful debut novel The Sandfish (2009) Maha Gargash once again returns to Dubai, but in the in the 1990’s traveling between Dubai and Cairo to explore the dangers of wealth’s seduction... read more >

Book Review
by Karl Luntt

June 30, 2016

Fiction, Swimming by Karl Luntt

Karl Luntta’s Swimming offers readers a global view of modern life. With settings in Africa, America and Europe, Luntta shows how finding real relationships among intracultural backgrounds is still possible... read more >

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Fjords - Volume 4, Issue 1

Spring/Summer 2016

Tanya Grae

Danez Smith

Steve Miller

Junot Diaz

Ernesto Caivano

Jamie B. De Monte