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    Review by By LynleyShimat Lys

    January 29, 2015

    Revolutionary and ground-breaking as its namesake, Jericho Brown’s “The New Testament,” envisions elegies of the body, the blues and Langston Hughes as myths of origin, and the salve and discomfort of lovers and lost brothers. In the penultimate poem... read more >

    Jeriho Brown

Public Poetry Series

Like Sisyphus at the Chateu Marmont
by Alexis Fancher
Read by Bambi Here

January 29, 2015

Like Sisyphus at the Chateu Marmont by Alexis Fancher read by Bambi Here

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by James Nolan
Review by Beth Gilstrap

January 23, 2015

YOU DON’T KNOW ME by James Nolan

In his latest collection YOU DON’T KNOW ME author James Nolan, (Higher Ground 2011) world-building is as complex and intricate as any found in popular fantasy fiction, but he’s working with a city that’s already carved into this nation’s consciousness... read more >

Public Poetry Series

Scene 1, Act 1
by Chris Campanioni
read by Neoma Sackler

January 15, 2015

Scene 1, Act 1 by Chris Campanioni

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By Helen Tzagoloff

January 15, 2015

The feeling that I’m not special
overtakes me more and more.

In her eighties, a movie star
writes a book called “ME!”
No question, she feels special.
A man I know tells me he’s dumped
his girl-friend of seven years... read more >


Scene Safety
by Ron Riekki

January 29, 2015

They tell you, when you start paramedic school, that one out of sixty of us will get hepatitis. They tell you that we will all get colds within the first few months. There are five different versions of HIV, but the odds of us getting AIDS is less than getting hit by lightning... read more >

Do Ho Suh
Drawings, at Lehmann Maupin
September 11-October 25, 2014
by Heather Zises

January 23, 2015

Do Ho Suh

Known for his elegant sculptural installations that are volumetric shells of his past homes, Korean artist Do Ho Suh creates exquisitely detailed portraits of spaces in a variety of media... read more >

Public Poetry Series

School Trip
by Robert Peake
Read by Phil Abrams

January 23, 2015

School Trip by Robert Peake read by Phil Abrams

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Kingdom of Dreams and Madness
Directed by Mami Sunada, 2013
by Raqi Syed

January 15, 2015

Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

Hand drawn films are a dying art. Perhaps even dead already. The industry attitude towards these films is that they represent a high watermark in artistry, but are painstakingly slow and expensive to make... read more >

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