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Volume 2, Issue 3
Fjords Review - Issue 6

Poetry by Seth Clabough, John McKerman, Cristian Anton Gerard, George Moore, Dan O'Brien, Robert Mengert, Paul David Atkins, Robin Richardson. Jacob M. Appel is interviewed. Cover art and a poetic comic by Yumi Sakugawa stand out in her signature style. Randi Ward's translations of Tóroddur Poulsen and Guðrið Helmsdal from the Faroese show two different approaches to the craft of the poem. A hilarious essay, "Big Books and Little Guitars," by Sean Carswel magnifies one particular portion of Herman Melville's life. Fantastic poetry by Seth Clabough, John McKernan, George Moore, Dan O'Brien, Robert Mengert, Paul David Atkins and Robin Richardson sing off the page. Editor's Choice poet Christian Anton Gerard delights with three humorous poems about characters Wilmot and Stella and Ashley-Elizabeth Best starts off the issue with a prescription about what to listen to when rejecting boys at parties. Ilona Romule's porcelian art and Mardi Jo Link's book Bootsrapper, a memoir are reviewed.


A Man Said That’s It
by John McKernan

Sorry to Interrupt
by Seth Clabough

Abandoned Mannequin Plant
Vlad the Uninspired

by Robin Richardson

Just to See What it Was Like
by Robert Mengert

Songs for Rejecting Boys at Parties
by Ashley-Elizabeth Best

Your Mom Can Go To Hell, I'm not Hiding Anything,
But I'm Not Going To Mass. Look, I Swear,
Wilmot Here, Collect For Stella; Or Ok, Something Happened In That House,
Bathing Suits Are not About Hiding,

by Christian Anton Gerard

The War Reporter Paul Watson's Cold Open
The War Reporter Paul Watson Waits in Line

by Dan O'Brien

Buying the Pistol
by Paul David Adkins

Viking Mythology in Garage Sale Shopping

by George Moore


Yumi Sakugawa


by Jacob M. Appel


Big Books and Little Guitars
by Sean Carswell

Poetry in Translation

Á Heimveg

by Guðrið Helmsdal


by Tóroddur Poulsen

translated by Randi Ward


About Randi Ward

Fjords Review, Randi Ward Randi Ward is a writer, translator, lyricist and photographer from West Virginia. She earned her MA in Cultural Studies from the University of the Faroe Islands and is a recipient of The American-Scandinavian Foundation's Nadia Christensen Prize. Ward is a Pushcart Prize nominee whose work has appeared in Beloit Poetry Journal, Cimarron Review, Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Vencil: Anthology of Contemporary Faroese Literature and other publications. For more information, please visit her website:

Book Review

Bootstrapper, A Memoir
by Christina Francine


About Christina Francine

Fjords Reviews -  Christina Francine Christina Francine has published children's stories, articles and interviews. She has reviewed over 250 books in various genres for many publications. She has a knack for making complex technical writing simple and is an enthusiastic NY State educator. Her web-site:

Art Review

Porcelain Storytelling: Ilona Romule
by Kayti Doolittle


About Kayti Doolitle

Fjords Reviews -  Kayti Doolitle Kayti Doolitle graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and a minor in Creative Writing. She is the Art and Film Reviewer for Fjords Review. Kayti is writing an anthology of essays about the sex industry in countries around the world, while living in South Korea.