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    The Goya
    by Matt Sailor

    November 20, 2014

    There’s this painting that you’ve probably seen, a Goya: “Saturn Devouring His Son.” It’s in the Prado, but I first saw it at the University Library in Valdosta. I would sit on the floor in the stacks with this girl I was dating, flipping through art books, our fingers brushing as we turned the pages.... read more >

    The Goya by Matt Sailor

I Think I Am in Friends-Love With You
By Yumi Sakugawa

November 20, 2014

I Think I Am in Friends-Love With You by Yumi Sakugawa

Have you ever fallen in love with a friend? Not in a romantic way, of course. That might be weird. But maybe you have a super cool friend in your life. Someone who always knows about the best indie bands before anyone else has heard of them. Someone whose taste in art makes the world seem brighter... read more >

Monthly Verse

By Jenny Morse

November 13, 2014

Tighten your beltway. Each notch a sphere without escape–
over a bridge and dropped back into the concentric circles.
If you create enough forward motion to escape the centrifuge... read more >

Fjords - Art Cinema

Film Review
Directed by Richard Linklater, 2014

November 06, 2014

Review of Boyhood

In an interview with NPR discussing the genesis of his film Boyhood, Richard Linklater mentions that when he began to think about the story, he imagined writing it as a novel, even an experimental novel... read more >

Third Wife
by Jiri Klobouk

November 13, 2014

Third Wife by Jiri Klobouk

Jiri Klobouk’s Third Wife collects nine stories that have appeared in various Canadian and North American publications over the last thirty-seven years. The book is a curious amalgam of fiction, ranging from the brevity of “The Homecoming” to the lengthy story, “The Music Teacher"... read more >

box of blue horses
by Lisa Graley

November 06, 2014

box of blue horses by Lisa Graley

Within the genre of nature poetry falls the small category of horse poems. The one outstanding poem in this niche is Joy Harjo’s anaphora-filled “She Had Some Horses,” in which the speaker references horses of all types, propelling forth metaphor and allusion... read more >

Interview with Seth Clabough

November 01, 2014

Interview with Seth Clabough

Seth Clabough’s poem, “Sorry to Interrupt,” appears in Fjords Review, Volume 2, Issue 2.

1. What inspired your poem, “Sorry to Interrupt”?

I was driving and on my cell phone with the radio turned down low when I thought I heard the lady on NPR say something like and girls rush off to polish the shoes of evening." more >

Past Issues
Fjords - Volume 1, Issue 1 DEBUT

Art by Clay Witt, poetry by Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, fiction by Stephen Wade.

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Fiction by Peter Liu, poetry by Jonathan Greenhause, memoir by Verity Barudin.

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Poetry by Vanessa Blakeslee, paintings by Vadis Turner, and a review of Boy.

Fjords - Volume 1, Issue 4 PORTRAIT MASTERS

Art by Kehinde Wiley, fiction by Philip Kobylarz, and poetry by Nancy Carol Moody.

Fjords - Volume 2, Issue 1 LINE

Billy Collins Interviewed, fiction by Erik Martiny, prose by Ori Fienberg.

Fjords - Volume 2, Issue 2 YUMI SAKUGAWA

Jacob M. Appel Interviewed, art by Yumi Sakugawa, essay by Sean Carswell

Fjords - Volume 2, Issue 3 SPRING 2014

Poetry by Sarah Palin Erased, interview by Phillip Gross, short story by Erik Martiny, essay by Jeffrey Skinner, art by Paul Kolker

Fjords - Volume 2, Issue 4

FALL 2014

Annie Christain

Aurelie Sheehan

Julia Fine

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