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Short Story
Quality Snacks
by Andy Mozina

Review by Gareth Spark

April 17, 2015

Short story - Quality Snacks - Andy Mozina

"Quality Snacks" (Wayne State University Press, 2014) is the second collection of Andy Mozina's short stories. His first, "The Women Were Leaving the Men" won the Great Lakes Colleges Association New Writers Award, and his fiction has appeared in numerous reputable journals... read more >

Directed by Robert Altman, 1980

Reviewed by Raqi Syed

April 02, 2015

Popeye - Directed by Robert Altman

The first thing I learned in film school was this: when introducing yourself in class, name your road to Damascus; the film that started it all for you. Acceptable answers are Star Wars, Jaws, Breathless, Persona. Any Truffaut film would do, and the second [or fifth] Star Wars was preferable...
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Agreed Upon Logic
By Charlie Weeks

March 19, 2015

Agreed Upon Logic by Charlie Weeks

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Monthly Verse
by Marco Maisto

April 09, 2015

Monthly Verse - echo by Marco Maisto

before the startling
        of an overheard

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by Amanda [Ngoho] Reavey

March 26, 2015

      -  What are you thinking?
      -  About home. I don’t know why I’m here; it’s time
         to pick the mangoes.
      -  I paid. You’re here now. Get used to it.

The closer you look, the more you’ll see how less she is, how many gaps there are in a history. We look at textbooks to read about the social implications of a dictatorship and find erasure... read more >

Nature's Confession
Science Fiction Novel by J.L. Morin

Reviewed by Mary Woodbury

March 26, 2015

Nature's Confession by J.L. Morin

J.L. Morin's Nature's Confession is a classic science fiction novel, pertinent to modern times. This epic spacetime romp has two teens—a mixed-race, fourteen-year-old, simply named "Boy", and his half-sister Kenza, along with their parents—trying to save planet Earth... read more >

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Fjords - Volume 2, Issue 4

FALL 2014

Annie Christain

Aurelie Sheehan

Julia Fine

Kirk Nesset

Curated by Owen Duffy