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  • 2028 Fjords Edition

An Interview with Mollie McKinley
by Heather Zises

February 21, 2018

An Interview with Mollie McKinley by Heather Zises

Fjords’ Contributing Writer Heather Zises visits with Hudson Valley artist Mollie McKinley to discuss her multifaceted practice, personal philosophies and views on feminism... read more >

Art Review
The Ventana Series Experience
by Andrew H. Sullivan

December 19, 2017

The Ventana Series Experience

Ventanas are windows in Spanish, are framed spaces literally, a border surrounding an empty space through which we can see into one room or environment from another, let in air, let in light, frame our perspective, deliver access prevent entrance; are portholes or windshields or skylights or clerestories, slits as in embrasures (to let our arrows)... read more >

Film Review
The Inner Strength of Joan Didion
The Center Will Not Hold—
A Film Review by: Jennifer Parker

November 07, 2017

The Inner Strength of Joan Didion, The Center Will Not Hold— A Film Review by: Jennifer Parker

Part chronicle of an iconic American writer, part love story, the new Netflix documentary, The Center Will Not Hold, sketches the literary trajectory of writer, wife, mother and magical thinker Joan Didion with an objective reverence that belies the relationship between her filmmaker nephew, Griffin Dunne and subject... read more >

Like a Norwegian
by Vincent Chu

January 09, 2018

“If the ship sinks, just grab hold of that,” said Mr. Potts inside the elevator, pointing to a poster of Nelly Vasquez, the whale of a woman scheduled to sing each night after dinner service in the Moonlight Lounge. A mother near the doors glared and told her son, “Ignore the stupid idiot.” Oh what, thought Mr. Potts. The lady wasn’t a big blubbery beast? The elevator dinged. Mr. Potts got his bags and headed out for his cabin. This was going to be a relaxing vacation... read more >

by Bridget Kiley

October 30, 2017

An interview with Tina Cane by Bridget Kiley

Tina Cane is a New York City native whose latest book of poetry, One More With Feeling (Veliz Books, 2017), is a reflection of her life growing up in Hell's Kitchen and the East and West Villages "without being sentimental", she observes. She meditates on motherhood, aging, and identity in her latest book, which recounts almost the entire lifetime of the speaker... read more >

Film Review
The Big Short-
A Film Review by Jennifer Parker

October 26, 2017

Film - The Big Short- A Series About Why Short Films Matter,  Film Reviews by: Jennifer Parker

Once upon a time going to the movies meant seeing a short film before the main feature. That was last century, we are in 2017 and the short film has emerged as an exciting cinematic medium that even has its own Oscar category. It’s a way for filmmakers to prove they’re worth financing a bigger budget... read more >

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Volume IV, Issue 3

Kai and Anders Carlson-Wee by Kelly McQuain

Kai and Anders Carlson-Wee

Therese Ritchie

Nate Lewis, Paul Vogeler, Stu Watson